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1)  Oops, don't try to load the car on the dolly on wet grass. I had to get some boards to help the SAAB get up on the ramp.

2)  We also had to have the saab lined up to the ramps better. The driver side tire didn't come all the way up to the stop.  

3)  Finally got a hard surface to put the car up on the dolly, on a street in the industrial area. Got it up, straps in place and underway. 

4)  Stopped at NH liquor store (of course).  No sales tax and cheap booze!

5)  When you turn the LP Gas off while fueling, remember to turn it back on afterwards! 

6)  Watch out for low hanging tree limbs!

7)  Most gas pumps automatically shut off at $50.00.  It usually takes MORE than that to fill us up!

8)  Do NOT leave the awning out when it is raining!  

9)  Do NOT leave the awning out when the wind is blowing!

10)  DO put the TV antenna down when leaving camp!

11)  Do NOT leave the automatic leveling system in Manual while driving!

12)  Driving over large boulders CAN damage your underneath storage!

13)  Step ladders that are not attached high enough on the RV's ladder CAN hit the roadway and bend when going over bumps!

14)  Do NOT open the city water valve unless you intend to fill your fresh water tanks!

15)  Make sure the end of the black water hose is securely fastened BEFORE opening the black water valve! 

16)  Motor homes were not meant to park on rain soaked lawns.

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17)  When you get to an area that has a National Park, visit that FIRST!

18)  Do NOT put plastic levelers under your steps!

19)  Double check black water connecters.

20)  Beware of sea gulls!  Their poop is difficult to get off!