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   Here we are, the next year has begun.  2003 should find us in Arizona, Texas (along the gulf coast) and following the gulf coast over to Florida.  Our plans right now are to head up the east coast and visit family that we missed when we headed out this way in the fall.  We haven't decided yet if we'll mostly travel or mostly visit, we'll just play it by ear.  It is so nice being retired, having a motor home so we can come and go as we like.  I don't think it's any secret that we really enjoy the Benson, Arizona area.  We may very well find another place that we want to spend one or two months in.  The only 'for sure' thing is, we will spend a couple of months in New England this summer.

   Come along with us as we travel.  We love company.  We might even have more photos this year than we did last year.